Founder, Stuart Epstein, has been a musician for most of his adult life. In 2017 he started volunteering, singing and playing his guitar at an elementary school for children with special needs, senior care facilities and healthcare centers. Performing for these exceptional groups of people changed his life. For the first time he felt his music was having a significant impact on his audiences. It became his way of giving back and he was seeing positive changes happen everywhere he played. It quickly became apparent there was a big community need for this type of musical experience. Stuart knew that he could reach many more lives if he made this bigger than just one person and Six Strings Acoustic, Inc. was born.

Who We Are

"One student gleefully rocks out, another smiles joyfully and another moves her hands to the music. We have been so blessed to have Stuart come to our classroom and share his love of music with our exceptional students."


- Tommey Burke, RN, BSN, CSN

  S.H.I.N.E. Classroom Nurse

  Lead Nurse, SUSD

"Live music interventions were shown to improve sleep and heart rate and improved feeding in children. Music improves cardiovascular parameters, stress responses and will even decrease pain."

- Aparna R. Rao, MD

  Pediatric Pulmonology

  Phoenix Children's Hospital

What we do

Six Strings Acoustic, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides live musical experiences for children with special needs, seniors and healthcare providers.